AeroSeg Finned Tubes
    Welcome to Kentube Finned Products
Kentube pioneered the development of high frequency resistance welded finned tubes in the United States, and contributed to the development of the process in Italy, Belgium, Japan and India. Established in 1962, Kentube has been at the forefront of more finned tube product development work than any other finning company in the world.

Kentube’s manufacturing facility is truly state-of-the-art. High frequency resistance welding machines produce a continuous stream of the highest quality finned tubes. Re-engineered, proprietary, finned tube bundle delivery systems help speed the manufacturing process.New bundles of finned tubes can literally go directly to waiting trucks for loading and delivery to your site.

Serving a world-wide market for extended surface heat transfer tubing

Kentube Finned Products manufactures and provides:
  • High frequency resistance welded, serrated or solid finned tubes in various tube and fin material combinations.
  • Standard frequency resistance welded serrated finned tubes in various tube and fin material combinations.
  • Single or Duplex tube bending in various sizes and lengths.
  • Tube cutting and beveling.